Company registration in sharjah

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What is Company Registration in Sharjah?

In the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah is among the most developed Emirates, the trading activities conducted in Sharjah accounting for more than 45% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Sharjah offers great opportunities to foreign investors being the only Emirate with access to ports in the Arabian Gulf’s eastern and western coasts, and access to the Indian Ocean and direct connections to North Africa.

In Sharjah, there is an opportunity of opening various type of companies by the foreign investors such as limited liability companies, branch offices, joint stock companies, and subsidiaries. They may also set up sole proprietorships.

Advantage Company Registration in Sharjah?

  • Sharjah represents an      alternative to company registration in Dubai with the same benefits and an      excellent environment for doing business. 
  • Here in Sharjah, Companies      benefit from zero corporate tax and no import/export taxes. 
  • In Sharjah, for opening a      company there are minimum requirements for appointing one shareholder and      one director.
  • There is the Hamriyah Free      Zone which provides many facilities to foreign investors among the      attractions of Sharjah.


To register a company in Sharjah, certain requirements must be met by the foreign investors.

In Sharjah, Foreign investor may open a company if 51% of the company is owned by UAE national.

However, in free zones full foreign ownership is allowed. In Sharjah, foreign companies may also open branches. 

Here are the following type of licenses which are required to register a business in Sharjah Depending on the type of company:

  • Commercial Licenses;
  • Professional licenses;
  • Industrial licenses.

Incorporation Procedure

In Sharjah, It is required for foreign investors to satisfy the legal requirements of the UAE Companies Law before starting operations.

Here are the following steps to register a company in Sharjah:

  • To file a company      registration application with the Department of Economic Development;
  • Draft Company’s Memorandum      of Association;
  • Obtain Trade License;
  • Apply for an establishment      card with the Ministry of Labor;
  • Register employees with the      Ministry of Labor.

Sharjah- 11th Rank holder in ease of doing business in the world bank report

Sharjah- 11th Rank holder in ease of doing business in the world bank report