Company registration in usa

Detailed Information


  • Easy to start
  • No Local Sponsor is required
  • Protect your liability
  • Limited Liability company
  • Lowest income tax 8.7%

Why should I incorporate in the United States of America?

The United States of America is the world No.1 Business hub and every day; foreign nationals are setting up US Business, from major enterprise to small startup. The most efficient way to expand business in worldwide to register in US Marketplace is the key to success for any business around the world. The USA has proven as the world largest, best and integrated market with and lowest tax rate. Registering a company in the USA. As non-resident is simple and 100% Online process.

Delaware corporation allows companies to issue stock to employees, raise to raise fund from the angel investor or venture capitalist, and provides the stability of clear corporate rules and case law. Approximate 60% of the Fortune 500 companies registered in Delaware. Delaware offers lowest tax rate and liberal tax laws. Here at, we do company formation around the world no matter where are you.

Advantages of USA Company Registration

  • Easier to sell in the US market.
  • Lowest Tax Rate.
  • Easy Access the capital markets and easy to raise fund from Venture capitalist.
  • Enhance the reputation of your company, both to US customers and many international markets.
  • Easier to get a visa to work and Visit in the US.
  • Possible you can reduce your tax on US-source income.

What type of business will be created?

With, we will assist you in C-Corp formation (closely held corporation) in Delaware, New York, California and with all other major states of the United States of America. Most Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley startups choose to incorporate in Delaware.

Corporation in the United States can be formed in two ways:

Standalone entity: a corporation which is owned by the group of founders, employees, investors and another stakeholder as the separate entity from the existing company.

Subsidiary entity: a corporation may be formed as wholly an entity that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of existing companies registered outside the USA.

What documents will be created with this registration package?

  • Incorporating Inc. / Corporation. Like Google Inc.
  • Certificate of Incorporation No.
  • Bylaws of the company.
  • Board Approval of Organizational Resolutions.
  • Employer Identification Number from the IRS.
  • Assistance in Opening a bank account.
  • Assistance in Bank Deposit Agreement with Silicon Valley Bank.

Do I need to be a US citizen to incorporate a US company?

  • The United States welcomes founders from the most of the countries without any discrimination on the ground whether they are US citizen or foreigner. Laws for business formation, taxation & other corporate compliance is equal for everyone in the USA.
  • What type of bank account will be opened in the USA?
  • We will assist you to open a USD-denominated business bank account for your new inc. at Silicon Valley Bank.
  • What fees will be charged for my bank account?
  • There is no minimum deposit is required to open a bank account with Silicon Valley Bank.

Tax & Legal Support after USA company registration

We will take care of your legal & taxation requirement in USA.

Tax Liability in Delaware for corporates

1. Franchise tax:

Authorized Shares Method. Franchise fee calculated based on the numbers of shares held by a company.

5,000 shares or less = $75 fee

5,001 to 10,000 shares = $150 fee; and

10,000 or more shares = $150 base fee + $75 additional fee for each additional 10,000 shares or fraction thereof.

2. Corporate Income tax:

Flat 8.7%